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"You provided me with a pair of your boots a couple months ago.I have worn the boots around construction job sites here in the Anchorage area during mild weather. There were comfortable and provided good traction.

Last week, I was on the North Slope. Temps were around -45 with wind chill to -67. I found the boots warm enough for the periods I was willing to be outside. Traction was good but I did notice that the boots did become very hard after being exposed to those temperatures. That's to be expected though.Overall, I like the boots and I am happy to have them.
Thank you."

Carl Akins,
CSPLoss Control Consultant/Loss Control,
Alaska National Insurance Company

"I have been wearing my Billy boots almost every time I do my walk arounds on the ramp and they are great! Occasionally the cold seeps in when we have days in the negatives, but all things considered they keep my feet fairly warm. What I like most is the incredible traction they have that keeps me from slipping and falling and how light they are! Thank you for your generosity and I will certainly recommend this footwear to our personnel when the opportunity arises!"


Sarah Cruz
Safety Program Administrator
Everts Air Cargo

Billy Boots as showcased on the television show Construction TV. Filmed on-location at ConExpo in Las Vegas. Billy Boots as showcased on the television show Welcome Home