EVA Products

Our EVA Boots are revolutionizing the footwear industry. They are of the highest quality and affordable to our customers. Our EVA footwear is domestically made here in the USA and are PVC Free !

Our Billy Boots EVA is a closed cell resin, which replaces footwear made of PVC, which contains lead, chlorine and other various toxins. Billy Boots EVA is shock absorbing, lightweight, washable, self-insulating and very durable and 100% leak proof.

Billy Boots raised the bar by creating a composite safety toe boot, made of EVA. Our products are field tested and proven to be extremely comfortable. Our EVA polymer is soft, lightweight and flexible. It has inherent barrier properties, low temperature and stress crack resistance and toughness. It is resistant to UV radiation and has little or no odor.

Our main focus for our footwear is safety and comfort for our customers and we take great pride and satisfaction in providing these products which are safe, lightweight, and very comfortable.

Our CRUISER and COMMANDER  and CHIEFS are Game Changers, Give them a try !!

Billy Boots as showcased on the television show Construction TV. Filmed on-location at ConExpo in Las Vegas. Billy Boots as showcased on the television show Welcome Home